Why Your Next Team Charter Should Be a Cross-Team Charter

We’ve all been at offsites, onsites, or team meetings where we’ve worked through our team charters. And usually those meetings are with your single, specific functional team.

At Aeon Muse Product Marketing, we value creating team charters. They help align your team, rally the team around a mission, set the ground rules for how you want to work together, and provide a framework for your roles and how you’ll measure success. They take many shapes and forms, from a single statement to a multi-slide power point deck.

One important benefit of team charters, is they help concisely communicate what your team does so that other teams in the organization know what to expect or ask of you.

As product marketers, we often spend time working with teams that aren’t our functional team, such as Product Management, Sales, Customer Success, Creative, and other Marketing functions.

Rather than simply share what your team’s out to accomplish, we recommend trying to create cross-team charters with the teams you partner with most. Then it’s not just about what you do, but what you do relative to each other, and how when you put those things together, you can accomplish important things.

Give it a try with your favorite cross-functional collaborators.

Download our free cross-team team charter template.

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