Product Marketing Foundations


Think of this work as the must-have product marketing for every product, service, or business. We start by uncovering and understanding what’s unique about your business to inform our strategy. We then apply and adapt our blueprint to find your product-market fit, align cross-functional teams, and create operational efficiencies. Build your product marketing function from the ground up or refine existing workflows with our proven processes, templates, and optimizations.

HERE’S WHAT IT Looks Like:

  • Investor pitch deck support
  • On-demand advising and consulting
  • Marketing roadmap consulting and development, including strategic areas of focus and prioritization
  • Positioning, messaging and value proposition auditing, creation, and testing
  • Packaging and pricing recommendations and testing plans
  • Process development and template delivery
  • Synthesis of market and customer research and competitive intelligence
  • Persona development and audience refinement
  • Brand audit, ideation, and strategy
  • Funnel analysis and development, KPI creation, and tracking assistance

Deliverables may include:

Competitive Intel Report, Win/Loss Analysis, Brand Guidelines, Voice of Customer Report, Messaging Guide, Personas Guide, KPI and Goal Setting Guide

LET’S Work Together

From interim leadership to building Product Marketing foundations to rapidly scaling your current product marketing activities to meet the needs of the business, our team has deep experience across industries and organizations of all sizes and stages to quickly and efficiently deliver results. Learn more about how Aeon Muse Product Marketing can help you be brilliant.

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