Product Marketing Organization Building


We work with you to find team gaps and opportunities and facilitate the best path forward so you can continue to meet your goals far after our engagement. We help your team develop core product marketing capabilities and assist in attracting top talent.

HERE’S WHAT IT Looks Like:

  • Team training and enablement
  • Organizational structure recommendations
  • Hiring and interview support
  • Cross-functional alignment support
  • Interim team leadership
  • Fractional CMO
  • Marketing education, mentoring, and coaching

Deliverables may include:

Job Descriptions, New Hire Onboarding Guide, Coaching Sessions, Goals aligned to Interim Leadership/Fractional CMO work

LET’S Work Together

From interim leadership to building Product Marketing foundations to rapidly scaling your current product marketing activities to meet the needs of the business, our team has deep experience across industries and organizations of all sizes and stages to quickly and efficiently deliver results. Learn more about how Aeon Muse Product Marketing can help you be brilliant.

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