Market and Consumer Research and Insights


Whether you need to learn from your current customers and users, or get outside your walls to understand the market and new audiences, we bring a experience identifying research needs, and working with internal stakeholders to develop and scope individual pieces of research to make sure any research insights you gain drive action. For companies with existing research teams, we work collaboratively on research design, execution, and insights. For organizations without research capabilities, we offer a full-service shop.

HERE’S WHAT IT Looks Like:

  • Research plan development and budgeting
  • Internal stakeholder interviews for research business alignment and inputs
  • Questionnaire and analysis plan development
  • Research execution: methodologies include in-depth qualitative interviews (IDIs), focus groups, concept testing,
    contextual interviews, jobs-to-be done analysis, conjoint studies, persona research and development, market segmentation, and more
  • Research insight readouts with recommended next steps to align with business questions or goals

Deliverables may include:

Quarterly / annual research plans, research study development, research study execution, research insights deck and recommendations.

LET’S Work Together

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